More than 20 years of passion to skim stages across France and Germany as followers of the Beatles.

The Band pays tribute to the boys of Liverpool by interpreting their titles which made history,

but also the pearls which the general public have to discover !

Rock’n’Roll Standards of Hamburg of the 60s to the elaborate works of Abbey Road's studios.


A real journey in the sixties and in the universe of the legendary Beatles !






Next Gigs


09 june 2018 - 20h00

Complexe sportif Joseph ALBRECHT

Ham sous Varsberg ( fr - Moselle)


21 June 2018 - 18h

Carling "Fête de la musique" in front of the Church (fr - Moselle)


13 July 2018 - 19h30

Blieskastel - BierGarten (Germany - Sarr)


09 Sept 2018 - 14h30

L'Hopital - Fête du Chou (fr - Moselle)